A blog for rookie entrepeneurs

I am a rookie entrepreneur. I work for others and, although it seems like an excuse, I hardly ever find the time to launch big projects on my own. But all this is changing:

  • I have published my first book and it has been a success: it is among the best-sellers on Amazon, in its category, and that makes me very happy and encourages me to continue writing. I hope to publish again very soon.
  • My blogs and online courses are now profitable. I am generating income through different channels: registrations, advertising, affiliations …

I have started my entrepreneurial adventure and I no longer want to stop. I am passionate about learning, teaching and writing; and I want to share all this with you, on this website, on the rookie entrepreneurs blog. Are you in?

In these pages I am going to talk about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, books, courses, business strategies … I am going to tell you everything I have learned so far, which has allowed me to start generating income in my projects, and everything I am learning now to make my business boost.

Posts including educational videos like the ones below (but in English…) will be ready shortly.

I am looking forward to sharing with you key business concepts that I am using in my projects.

I hope to see you around.

Gerardo Marote.


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