My name is Gerardo Marote

I am a Civil Engineer, Master in Geotechnical Engineering and MBA. This guy you see below is my character on the blog and he will be the protagonist of many videos and images.

I have been developing international engineering and construction projects for over 20 years. Currently I am the Director of Engineering and Resources at Terratest Group, where I work with a team of 40 people.

Our specialty is the execution of complex foundations for large infrastructures: tunnels, metro stations, bridges, ports, dams … It is an exciting job that has allowed me to grow professionally and travel around the world. I have visited more than 50 countries and I aim to double this figure over the next 10 years.

I have two running blogs: Escuela Geotécnica, where I write articles and teach online engineering classes; and Trabajar Mejor, a website where I share ideas and resources to improve productivity at work. 15,000 people visit me every month and that encourages me to continue writing.

I’m a rookie entrepreneur…

I work for others and, although it seems an excuse, I hardly ever find the time necessary to launch big projects on my own; but, since a few months, all this is changing:

  • I have published my first book and it has been a success: it has been placed among the best sellers on Amazon in the category of entrepreneurship.
  • My blogs and online courses start working, and I am generating income through different channels (registration, advertising, affiliations …).

In this blog, which is also my personal website, I want to tell you about all my progress in the world of entrepreneurship. I am passionate about learning, teaching and writing, and I will share everything I learn with you . Are you in?

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A big hug,
Gerardo Marote.