How to remove the background from an image in 5 seconds

I am sure that you have tried many times to remove the background of an image , to make it transparent. Maybe you just needed the people who were in a photo or, perhaps, your goal was to rescue an object of the image and erase everything else.

There is software in the marjet that does this job, such as Photoshop or other similar programs, and you can also use ‘homemade’ tricks, such as the transparent background options of Office programs (Word, Powerpoint …). These tools work, yes, but you need to know how to use them, they are complicated, they consume a lot of time and the expected result is not always obtained.

Well, there is a much simpler alternative. Do you want to know what it is? Let’s see it!

How to remove the background from an image

Let me introduce you , a website that through artificial intelligence removes background from images in seconds. It’s amazing! You just have to go to the website, upload your photo and click a button. It is that easy. In less than a rooster crows you have your image without a background ready to be downloaded.

Go to website

Take a look at this example: it’s a photo of Pirata, my dog:

To remove the background of this image we just have to:

image without background

Now you just need to download the image.

What do you think? It’s amazing! I hope you find this tool useful.

Gerardo Marote.


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